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Club Details:

Club Club Representative Contact Number Contact Email
Woy Woy Tom Ferguson fergusontom303@gmail.com
Northern Beaches Scott Elsworth 0414 771 033 selsworth@gmail.com
Penrith Michelle Hamlin 0427 166 969 Michelle.hamlin@hotmail.com
South West Patricia Vaz pat.vaz16@gmail.com
Illawarra Toni Howard 0438 627 585 pthoward@bigpond.com
Hunter Lucy Bates 0411 961 250 hunterboccia@bigpond.com
Central West (Orange) Natalie Pavy zacanabikes@bigpond.com
Central Coast Heather Kozak 0458 587 300 hhhkozak@hotmail.com
Tamworth Jeff Essex j.essex@sunnyfield.org.au

Australia Wide

Find out where to play across Australia by visiting Boccia Australia at www.boccia.com.au


Volunteers along with carers, family and friends are the backbone of Boccia throughout Australia. At a local level they are the coaches, trainers, fundraisers and managers or just the person who turns up every week and picks up the ball for the player who can’t manage it themselves.

Our volunteers can also be unified partners – acting as ramp assistant or standing alongside athletes during their sport – or as fans cheering form the side.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated; all training will be provided by one of our experienced members.

If you would like to offer your time please contact on 0412 580 140.

Other volunteering opportunities are available through local clubs – see the contact page

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