The Athletes Hall of Fame (AHoF) honours, celebrates and pays due respect to both past and current star athletes of Boccia here in NSW.

Nominations are received by the BNSW from members across NSW who feel they know someone who forefills at least 4 of the 7 criteria outlined in the nomination form.

Each year one athlete is chosen and officially inducted at the annual State Titles’ Competition.

Nominations for the NSW Boccia Athletes’ Hall of Fame are welcome using the Inductee’s Nomination Form and sent to the NSW President by early February each year.

Dan Michel


Dan was introduced to boccia as a 15 year old through a Muscular Dystrophy NSW camp. His first international competition was at the 2013 Asia and Oceania Championships where he finished fifth with a world ranking of 35.  He finished sixth at the 2016 Boccia World Cup In 2016, and was selected to represent Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympics at the age of age 21. He is the first Australian player selected to compete at the Paralympics since 2000.

Dan said on his Rio Paralympics selection, "I’m hoping it’s going to have a huge impact on the sport and on the reputation and perception of people with severe disabilities. The overriding public perception surrounding severe disabilities is that people living with these disabilities aren’t really capable of succeeding in a sporting atmosphere. There’s an emphasis on being successful through academia, but sport is never really promoted as an avenue through which people with severe physical disabilities can achieve enjoyment and also success".

Throughout his boccia career Dan has shown himself to be a true sportsman, determined yet fair and courteous, and always ready to encourage newer athletes and to participate in the development of the sport across NSW.

Dean Nottle


Dean didn’t start playing boccia until he was nearly 60, which goes to show it’s never too late to learn something new. He has been classified as a BC4 player.

 He has won many championship titles including National Open Singles and Open Pairs, NSW State Open Singles and Pairs, along with other medals from those and other competitions in NSW and interstate.  

Dean was selected to play internationally for Australia, competing in both Hong Kong and in Sydney. He was appointed Australian captain in 2013.

 He has received a number of awards, including the Tu Huynh Memorial Award for Sporting Excellence and Determination, Boccia Australia National Referees Award for Sportsmanship and the Boccia NSW Coaches’ Award.

Off the court, as well as his duties as captain of both the Australian and NSW teams, Dean has been involved in coaching, mentoring and promoting the sport.

Due to the changing nature of his disability, Dean has retired from competing as a BC4 and can be expected to be reclassified as a BC3 sometime in the future.

Ange McReynolds


Ange has a distinguish playing record winning NSW more than 5 times in the BC3 classification and the National title 8 times between 1998 and 2012. Altogether Ange has represented Australia at 5 international competitions including the Paralympics in Sydney in 2000.

She retired from competitive boccia in 2013 however remained an active supporter of other athletes, taking a special interest in helping junior BC3 athletes develop their game. Ange came out of retirement late in 2014 and has not lost any of her enthusiasm and determination in getting her game back on track.

Ange has contributed to boccia as a mentor to young athletes, a member of the Boccia NSW committee and has written a regular items for the Boccia Across NSW newsletter.

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